Who We Are

With over 35 years of experience within the tourism industry, Jet Arrow Travel managed to establish and maintain a high level of professionalism and respect in all aspects of tourism. Jet Arrow Travel is working under the license number 289 accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism on March 12, 1981.

Jet Arrow Travel has successfully held a position among the top travel and transportation companies in Egypt. Through its wide network and offices throughout Egypt, our company makes sure that our client is surrounded by our caring staff wherever he is. Our network of branches is serving you in major cities such as, Cairo, Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh. With our head office located in downtown Cairo to make sure that we can reach you anywhere you are in Cairo.

The company is constantly updating its services in order to include a wider variety of travel packages and offers so as to develop a greater customer satisfaction. With our highly trained, experienced and friendly staff at your command 24/7, we promise you a holiday of a lifetime.

Through Jet Arrow Travel, you will discover the magic of Egypt by having access to all Egyptian cities.
With us, you can cruise down the Nile and discover historical cities in Upper Egypt.
With us, you can fly to both the Red and Mediterranean Seas and enjoy the sun along with various water sports.
With us, you can jump into a 4 wheel drive car and cross the Egyptian deserts to enjoy a wild safari trip.
With us, you can experience the cultures and arts of Egypt by visiting a variety of museums.
With us, you dream and we make it come true.

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